Schlitz Park News - June 2011

What's Brewing Summer 2011

A new tenant, 2011 River Challenge info, and photos of events.

Business Journal Cover Story: Schlitz Park Plans Major Renovation

Schlitz Park plans multi-million dollar campus renovation.

Schlitz Park’s $62 Million Dollar Renovation Expected to Provide Major Boost for Downtown Redevelopment and Occupancy

Schlitz Park will make remodels to reflect sustainable living in the office park

Food trucks roll into Schlitz Park

Schlitz Park introduces a weekly visit from a group of food trucks and street vendors.

Schlitz Park Improves Bike Facilities -

Schlitz Park improves campus-wide bike facilities in time for bike race criterium.

Bicycle Friendly Schlitz Park Underway with State of the Art Upgrades

Between the Schlitz Park Criterium and making Schlitz Park bike friendly, there is lots happening

Schlitz Park Hosts Cycling Event- Fox 6 Interview

Schlitz Park hosted a professional bike race in June for some of the country's top cyclists- the "Tour of America's Dairyland" series.