It's 80 years of "sudsy success" for The Brown Bottle & Schlitz

CBS 58 This morning stopped by The Brown Bottle on the occasion of its 80th anniversary to talk history, mix Old Fashions and pour Schlitz.

The Brown Bottle first opened in 1938 as a meeting place for visitors after a tour of the Schlitz Brewery to enjoy “the beer that made Milwaukee famous.” It ended its initial run as the brewery’s tavern in 1982 when Stroh Brewing bought Schlitz, then reopened under the Brown Bottle name from 1986 to 2004. The beloved tavern and eating hall came back to life in November 2014 as part of Schlitz Park’s Stock-House renovation The latest incarnation of the Brown Bottle honors the tavern’s rich history with a nod to old world pub fare while offering a more modern atmosphere in a comfortable and convenient downtown Milwaukee location.



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