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Downtown Milwaukee
Downtown Milwaukee is the geographic, economic, cultural and creative heart of the city and entire state.  In the midst of a 15+ year renaissance, it’s not only Schlitz Park’s home base, but its play ground.
Schlitz Park has led the thriving development Downtown’s Upper Riverwalk District and helped power more than $800 million in improvements and property value increases. 
With Riverwalk access and overall accessibility that’s second-to-none for bikers, walkers and cars the innovative Schlitz Park campus and surrounding neighborhoods offer an amazing variety of housing, dining, entertainment, education, transit, shopping and more.  
The area around our campus is full of great finds.  From the easy walk to Brady Street to the unique Marsupial Bridge to the classic retailer National Ace Hardware and one of Milwaukee’s best patios at Trocadero, there’s great urban life everywhere.  

Check out the links on the right for a quick “tour” of the highlights of what’s available around Schlitz Park.

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